The European Central Bank who would buy bitcoins? “Out of the question”, according to Christine Lagarde

Always so allergic to bitcoins – We won’t go so far as to say that Bitcoin obsesses her day and night, but Christine Lagarde has once again spoken on this subject. The President of the European Central Bank (ECB) does not see the king of cryptocurrencies as a possible store of value.

Bitcoin is useless, go your way!

Christine Lagarde does not like the “funny business” of Bitcoin Future. Christine Lagarde does not consider Bitcoin as a currency … Like the parodies of the “Martine” books , each time we wait with curiosity for the next episode of “Christine Lagarde facing the ugly Bitcoin” .

The last speech of the President of the ECB, where she once again denigrates the king of cryptocurrencies, is reported to us by Business Insider.

When the question comes about whether central banks across the world will ever keep Bitcoin as a reserve currency , Christine Lagarde answers:

“It’s highly unlikely – I would even say it’s out of the question. “

Rather than stores of value, Christine Lagarde prefers anyway stimulus packages (i.e. money printing ) which she strongly encourages. She is also not worried about fiat currency inflation which she says is “not expected to reach pre-pandemic levels until about 2023” .

A digital euro with integrated devaluation, you had to think about it

The ECB President recognizes, however, that the Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated demand for digital currencies. This is of course where, as a savior, his precious crypto-euro comes in .

Speaking of this ECB digital euro, do you know the latest one? Fabio Panetta , former director of the Bank of Italy and current member of the Executive Board of the ECB, intends to take advantage of this digitized version of the euro to pass negative interest rates directly on to consumers.