Elon Musk Launches X.AI: New AI Firm to Take on ChatGPT

• Elon Musk is reportedly starting an AI-related project called X.AI Corp to compete with ChatGPT
• A state filing in Nevada from last month revealed that Musk and Jared Birchall, director of Musk’s family office, are the company’s only directors
• This move comes just weeks after Musk’s call for a six-month freeze on AI development due to its potential hazards

Elon Musk Launches New AI Firm

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk appears to be working on an AI-related project that will reportedly take on ChatGPT. The Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times reported that Musk has started a new AI firm called X.AI Corp.

Funding and Personnel

According to the Financial Times, Twitter CEO Musk is in talks with investors from SpaceX and Tesla Inc to raise capital for his new company and is now hiring AI researchers and engineers. A state filing in Nevada from last month, obtained by the Journal on Friday, shows that in addition to Musk serving as the company’s only director, Jared Birchall, director of Musk’s family office, is also named as the company’s secretary. The billionaire was asked about X.AI by the Journal, but he declined to comment. The document also reveals that X.AI has been officially registered in Nevada and is now funded to the tune of $100,000. No other personnel or company plans are mentioned, and the filing makes no mention of the company’s involvement with artificial intelligence beyond what is already conveyed by the name.

ChatGPT Rival Is Coming

Musk’s strategy for the company was announced just weeks after he and other AI academics and executives advocated for a six-month freeze in constructing systems with more capabilities than OpenAI’s ChatGPT 4 due to what they claim is the potential hazards they posed to society. This move is considered as an alternative to OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT.

Shopping For GPUs

Business Insider revealed earlier this week that Musk has acquired hundreds of graphics processing units (GPUs), the equipment that enable high-powered computers required for activities like artificial intelligence and high-end graphics. In a recent article in The Independent it said that Musk was secretly purchasing these GPUs along with others at Twitter and Tesla Inc., making them part of his own investment portfolio instead of using them exclusively at either firms.

Declined To Comment On XAi

The billionaire was asked about XAi by The Wall Street Journal but he declined to comment on it specifically or divulge any further details regarding its operations or purpose other than what can be inferred from its name