Echelon Prime Soars 42%, Defying Crypto Market Slump

• An Ethereum gaming altcoin, Echelon Prime (PRIME), has surge by 42% this week despite the crypto market slump.
• PRIME is a web3 ecosystem with the aim of advancing the next generation of gaming.
• The project recently posted a grant proposal for its community to vote on which would be awarded to the NFT game “What The Funge” from Funge Labs.

Echelon Prime Defies Crypto Market Slump and Surges

Echelon Prime (PRIME) is an Ethereum-based gaming altcoin that has defied the current crypto market slump and surged 42% in the last seven days. This 295th-ranked cryptocurrency by market cap is currently trading at $3.88, up nearly 12% from its 24-hour low.

Overview of Echelon’s Web3 Ecosystem

The project’s native token, PRIME, is used within its web3 ecosystem as an incentive to advance the next generation of gaming models and economies. According to their website, Echelon creates and distributes tools to encourage innovation in novel gaming experiences and economies.

Grant Proposal for Community Vote

On Tuesday, Echelon posted a grant proposal for its community to vote on which would be awarded to the non-fungible token (NFT) game “What The Funge” developed by Funge Labs if approved. What The Funge offers unique utility for NFT projects as players compete for eternal conquest, glory, and PRIME rewards within an autobattler simulator game that is easy to pick up yet has a high skill ceiling.

All-Time High Price Achieved After Coinbase Listing

Despite this week’s price increase, PRIME remains more than 31% down from its all-time high of $5.68 achieved back in March after being listed on top US crypto exchange Coinbase.


Echelon Prime continues to push against the crypto downturn with its innovative approach towards advancing novel gaming models and economies powered by blockchain technology and native token PRIME rewards system